Sep 18, 2020


Sep 21, 2020

Together with the photographer Marcel Haupt and DOP Björn Weber we conceived the interactive dance performance WERT.SCHÄTZEN.LERNEN.

The basis for the choreography was our relationship to closeness and distance, which we had to define as a new factor of our everyday life due to the restrictions on the spread of the Covid-19 virus.

In doing so, we asked ourselves the question of what fields of tension can arise between an extreme plus and an extreme minus pole.

In an abstract way this new reality was realized in an interdisciplinary project.

Two Kinect Azure sensors were used to track the dancers Marje Hirvonen and Lea-Sophie Sebig, which were projected as point cloud data onto a video background in real time.

The breathing and stepping sounds were captured as the basis for Joel Jaffe's composition and sound design. This sound layer was the basis for another audio-reactive video synthesis in the final step, which was mixed into the original recordings for the final realization as video.

Concept: Marcel Haupt, Björn Weber, Navid Razavi

Funding: Bergischer Kulturfonds

photo credits © Marcel Haupt
photo credits © Marcel Haupt
photo credits © Marcel Haupt