New Media Artist
from Cologne (GER)

synthesizing life
into experiences

photo credits © Michel Besl
photo credits © Michel Besl
photo credits © Michel Besl


Navid Razavi / vrtx void

I am a Transdisciplinary Media Artist / Immersive Designer based in Cologne (Germany)

In my diverse portfolio encompassing individual projects, international collaborations, and theatrical productions, I specialize in crafting innovative projects within the realm of New Media, placing a distinct emphasis on immersion and interactivity.

My artistic approach involves deconstructing Metanarratives and skillfully blending their components into captivating hybrids of audiovisual performances and interactive installations.

Employing cutting-edge creative technologies, I utilize techniques such as parametric programming, 3D-modelling, real-time rendering, intricate lighting design and the synthesis of generative video and sound in multi-channel setups. These dynamic installations not only showcase my technical prowess but also beckon audiences into shared immersive experiences.

I am particularly adept at envisioning site-specific scenarios that amplify the impact of my work, seamlessly merging technology with art to redefine the boundaries of contemporary expression.