SURFACE / K1 Galerien Köln Summer Edition 2022




Jun 24, 2022


Sep 24, 2022



interactive installation /

kinetic sculpture


SURFACE is an immersive interactive kinetic installation that explores concepts of synthesizing materials, sounds and noises into images through spatial presence.

At the center of the installation, a kinetic resonant plate is set in motion by lifting magnets triggered by data from a Kinect Azure motion tracker, via a self-programmed algorithm.

The frequencies of the sound are also projected as a three-dimensional topography in space. This video layer is influenced by the position of the recipients in the room, whereby this generative process leads to endless variations. In this way, the recipients continue to actively shape the emerging work.

The recipients are also invited to interact with the installation by changing the position of the Geofóns, which in turn leads to further variations.

SURFACE was exhibited for the first time as part of the K1 Galerien Rundgang 2022 Summer Edition in the project space of the PMK Foundation at Galerie Seippel Cologne, and was realized through the support and funding of Stiftung Kunstfonds / NEUSTART KULTUR.

photo credits © Navid Razavi
photo credits © Navid Razavi
photo credits © Navid Razavi
photo credits © Navid Razavi