Manufactoring Antimonument




Jun 24, 2023


Aug 27, 2023



audiovisual performance (24.06.23) /

interactive point cloud animation (05.08.23 - 27.08.23)


Antimonumentx Extended is an immigrant initiated Art project in Düsseldorf (Germany), directed by Shinpei Takeda, to deconstruct public sculptures by Gottbegnadeten list artists in National Socialist Germany during the WWII with artistic interventions in public space and a virtual reality game.

The Meeresschnecke sculpture, located in front of the Aquazoo Löbbecke Museum in Düsseldorf, is made by the Gottbegnadeten list artists Hans Breker, who was the younger brother of Arno Breker, an avid Nazi and even very well established after WWII.

In contrast to his brother, Hans was not eager to showcase his past, but he was, just like many other former Gottbegnadeten list artists, receiving many commissions and privileges, especially in public. This entwinement was the conceptual foundation of this performance: Just like Hans Breker, the Meereschnecke wreaths around itself, trying to be abstract yet remaining bland in its reference to a sea creature. Abstraction in art was considered as Degenerate Art, and it remains unclear what provoked Hans Breker's shift in his aesthetics.

This very abstraction and entwinement were reflected both visually via a 2 channel projection mapping onto the sculpture's surface itself, and a binaural eurorack synthesizer performance that was streamed on location in real time via a WiFi Access Point, so the recipients could listen to the performance with their own headphones by scanning a QR code with their mobile devices.

The visual part consisted of 3 generative algorithms that reacted to sound frequencies from the eurorack system:

  • a basic scanning line

  • a topology based on noise feedback

  • a reaction diffusion feedback system

The sound was generated from an AI text2speech system that was sampled at 50% of the original speed, narrating a variation of Paul Celans Death Fugue with references on the far-right extremist Hanau shootings 2020 and the Turkish poet Semra Ertan, as well as Tokenism and Police brutality in Germany. This was further processed and extended by a custom eurorack synthesizer patch.

Following the initial performance in June 2023, collaborations with the artists Alejandra Baltezares and CRAFT Collecitve's Oscar Cueto and Manuela Picallo Gil resulted both in an artist curated exhibition in wildpalms gallery Düsseldorf and collaborative performances at the Stehender Jüngling statue by Georg Kolbe and the Bergischer Löwe Statue by Philipp Harth, who both also were amongst the Gottbegnadeten list artists.

photo credits © Navid Razavi
photo credits © Zohreh Mousaviun
photo credits © Zohreh Mousaviun
photo credits © Zohreh Mousaviun